If you are planning a poetry reading, consider injecting the event with a bit of festivity to turn it into a literary party. Rather than just doing a reading, create an interactive and fun event. Here are some tips and ideas to help you make your event a poetic success:

1. Use party supplies to make the event comfortable

While rewriting lines or editing metaphors, don't forget the logistics of the event. If you are holding your poetry reading outside or in a facility that doesn't have seating, you may need to hire tents to keep attendees dry and shaded, folding chairs, tables to display your chapbooks for sale and possibly even decorations.

A party supply shop employee can help you anticipate what you need based on your projected attendance, planned activities and location.

2. Explore interactive poem sharing

Instead of just reading your poems to the audience, get them involved in the process. You can print -- either by hand or professionally -- poems on placards that you place in the audience's chairs, and then, you can invite them to read the poems or poem fragments aloud.

Alternatively, if you want to save paper, you can hire a screen and a projector from a party supply store and display your poems in front of everyone. Consider writing group poems collaboratively by hiring an interactive whiteboard that allows you to input info from your computer onto the screen.

3. Consider giving out party favours

At a poetry reading, the ultimate goals are to share your work and to encourage people to buy your chapbooks. If you are trying to create a festive atmosphere, party favours can help, but do not just buy random favours from a party supply store.

Instead, look for small snacks or trinkets that tie into your poems and help to bring their words alive. For example, if you use chocolate as a metaphor in one of your poems, hand out chocolates. If you focus on birds floating on thermals, give out packets of bird seed or small bird-themed trinkets.

4. Open the stage

Instead of just reading your own poems, turn the rest of the event into an open mike night or a poetry slam. You may need to hire microphones or speakers as well as a small stage or platform so that everyone can be seen and heard, and that can increase the projected budget of your event. However, adding these elements to your event will help to draw in more attendees and potentially more people to buy your book.

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